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Mark your calendars because the fashion event of the season has arrived. No, not the Met Gala.

The new launch of our most wanted, best-selling cookie bag. Cookie is back (and better than ever) but now she has a whole squad. Think: cheetah, velvet, hot pink, silver. With cookies of all types. And some with your other favorite sweet treats (hint: chocolate).

What would the launch of a new collection be without a pop up? I know, that would be criminal. Our puppet pop up is invite only (did you make the list), star studded (think Emma Chamberlain), filled with sweet treats (are you ready to get baked?), and of course PNP.

May 1st, 2023 is not only Met Monday, but the perfect day for you to come hang and get your cookie bag a friend. Or two. Or more, who’s counting? It is time to treat yourself.

The event will be filled with photo opportunities and exclusive pieces that you cannot get anywhere else. New York City, get ready, because you are in for quite a time. I cannot wait for the latest Puppets and Puppets collection to be in your hands.

Lots of love always. Let’s fuckin go and continue to make waves in the fashion industry.


Your Favorite Puppeteer