Lake of The Woods Camp is Where Memories are Made To Last A Lifetime.

You step off the bus and the humid air clings to your cheeks.

Rocks crumble together underneath your feet.

Laughter fills the air, and the breeze flowing from Lake Michigan is comforting.

You’re away from home for the first time, but when you step off that bus, the sense of unfamiliarity fades away. 

You lug your duffels across the long path leading to a cozy cabin. 

Your belongings are compact, and as you unpack, you chat with the people around you.

12 unknown people are now your new roommates. You feel a sense of anxiety – but it’s exhilarating.

“How am I going to survive without my phone,” you think to yourself.

Within a few days, your devices don’t even cross your mind. 

Because for the first time in your life, you are living in the moment.

Your life is filled with morning swims, dining hall meals, water skiing, and nighttime card games.

Every morning, as the music blares through the speakers, you know you are about to have the best day of your life. 

Sending letters home, but you can’t even find the words to describe how happy you are.

How for the first time, you feel like you belong.

The sun rises and sets. The fire crackles as you all sing together around the campfire.

June turns to July. July turns into August.

Those 12 unknown people are your new best friends.

You cry as you pack up all of your belongings.

You are home. Decatur, Michigan. A place on ½ a street, in the middle of nowhere, is now your whole heart.

You grew more in those two months than you did in your entire life prior.

“I can’t wait for next summer,” you think to yourself.

10 summers later, you have outgrown being a camper.

But something you will never outgrow are the memories, friendships, and lessons.

Now, in your adult life, you sit around a table with your camp friends, rehashing and reflecting upon how it felt to be so completely happy.

Those feelings consume you. Tears fill your eyes. “Those were the best days of my life.”

These irreplaceable memories can be yours. Just like they were my mothers, and then mine.